Mission Statement


We are blessed to live in Hawaii, a land where diverse cultures coexist with dignity and aloha. From the mountains to the sea, beauty is displayed all around us. Like the harmony of the land, sky and sea, the voices of our diverse instruments harmonize together in the unique sound of our music.

Reconciliation - We believe that cultural diversity is a gift that was meant to be celebrated and enjoyed, but instead has often turned into something that brings division, hatred, and even ethnic cleansing. By bringing together instruments from diverse cultures, we offer up a musical prayer for reconciliation between people groups.

Heart of the Land - We feel that the voice of indigenous instruments, like language, are an important part of the sound of the land, and desire to incorporate their voices in our music.

A Touch From Heaven - Scientific studies have shown the healing power of music, and the physiological changes that can occur while listening to music. It’s our desire to play our instruments prophetically and sensitively with a healing touch.

A Taste of Heaven on Earth - We look forward to the time when representatives of every nation, tribe, language, and people group will be gathered together to worship the Creator in the purest statement of unity in diversity. Our desire is to have a taste of that experience on earth and share it with others.

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