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Awards & Honorable Mentions

Nominated for "INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR" 2010 Na Hoku Hanohano Award (Hawaii's Grammys)



"Entrancing live music is performed by Ranga Pae, a passionate duo that utilizes everything  from the harp-like Japanese koto to Hawaiian nose flutes. The resulting atmosphere turns the Ritz's reputation for formality on its end; both the exotic menu and music push the envelope -- and succeed." Maui No Ka 'Oi Magazine



"Who among us has not dreamt once to travel around the world? Thanks to Kimo and his wife Jody Huybrechts, this dream, at least in musical terms, is finally true!" Adrian Nayyar - German Interview (


"You guys sound more and more soulful everytime" Carlos Santana (Musical group Santana)


"Ranga Pae Rocks!" Rick Dees (Syndicated DJ, Kiss FM)


"I enjoyed your version of 'Purple Haze' very much." Kim Hanson (Experience Hendrix)


" I know few people who have the kind of artistry and skill, yet gentleness and humility that Kimo & Jody of Ranga Pae have. Their music is profound, gentle and full of the love of God. I'm confident you will enjoy it!" Bob Fitts (Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist)



"Dit is een droooooooooooom!" Dutch for - this is one dream! Comment in response to an interview with Bianca Dias-Halpert of The Indo Project.




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